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When: Back to Calendar November 4, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Where: tba
New Jersey
Cost: coming soon
Contact: sheila kay

Calling all nj/ny comics. will try and get to you all personally but putting it out there now.

I am once again doing and producing a benefit for pahs , plainfield area humane society

I do free fundraising for animal shelters. We are working with a fabulous hotel shhhhhhh waiting for my contract. using their banquet room and it will be Saturday November 4th this year. I do this for the love of animals !! Paws4laughter is my thing!! Check facebook or my website tho I haven’t updated that since the day the earth stood still!!

Comics. If you can spread the word, can do a show, and are an animal lover. Let me know. It’s a great shelter making sure our animals have food water vet care safe place with a roof over their heads. Great staff ! We made sure all comics got some pay. But we’re looking for help. More info to come but please spread the word

People of earth!! And if you are an animal lover and love to laugh I promise you a great time!! We were sold out in just a few days last time we did it. Fabulous comics great show and now a terrific dinner will be included ! Raffles baskets etc!!

Believe me the comics may be working for free for the fluffies but everyone I’ve ever worked with is hysterical and helping a great cause out of their love for the furballs!! you’d pay big bucks in a club or casino !!

Stay tuned for details !!!!


The Plainfield Area Humane Society is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization, governed by a Board of Trustees. Our income comes from donations, adoption fees, fund-raisers, bequests, grants, corporate gifts and animal control service contracts. 70% of our income is from your donations.


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