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traceys fundraiser


(Hey kids, I will have another blog up in a couple of days but for now, let me share this. I would love to just remind everyone that one of the things I do is help raise money for animal rescues. I do shows (under the ‘paws for laughter’ banner) when I can. I drive transports, whatever I can (just to sneak a furry kiss!) But now I am donating my time to do a fabulous comedy show for Stand Up For Paws. This is a show to raise funds and awareness for 3 great groups.

The following rescue groups will benefit from this event:

FernDog Rescue Foundation, Caldwell, NJ, an organization thathelps dogs at risk by providing foster homes that will nurture their physical and emotional health, help locate the ideal forever home for them while providing support and training to help assure that their stay in their new homes is permanent.

911 Dog & Cat Rescue, Morristown, NJ, is run solely by volunteers. All animals that are adopted out by the rescue originate from Animal Control as strays or surrenders. “We are not a limited admission rescue because we believe that each animal has a right to live in a loving, forever home.” Since starting this program in 2010, Morristown, NJ has had a 0% euthanasia rate for healthy animals.

PAWS, Montclair, NJ, is a rescue and sheltering organization that has been serving Montclair and the surrounding communities for 35 years. The focus is on at-risk cats and dogs, often bully breeds.Rescue and reduce are key principles in their work of finding animals good, appropriate, forever homes; preventing warehousing and/or euthanizing adoptable animals; changing public consciousness about the value of animals and our responsibilities to them and promoting spay/neuter.

It is being organized by another great group  Pittie Full Events Plus . Tracey is working extremely hard to organize the best time ever!!

There will be fabulous funny comedians, music, food, fun and games.

This is the direct link to purchase tickets:

Thanks syracuse… YOU ROCK.   kriss and i have had a blast. sold out shows fri and tonight, but a some tickets left for sunday so come on out!!

i’ll be selling my golf cards for animal rescue, kriss will be selling his shirts, and wiseguys will be selling us…. whores!!  LOL  actually, selling good and i do mean good food, drinks, and free magic upstairs near the bar…

love you syracuse, off to the cruise ship monday.

spay and nueter… all your pets… and some of your friends!!