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Please Find Sugar

Please Find Sugar


So many of us depend on the kindness of others…yes, fabulous movie quote, but this is a serious topic. And I will write more about it in the next blog, because right now I am just trying to help find this one particular dog for one particular stressed and grieving woman. We all have needs for our animals, baby sitters, dog walkers, health practioners, trainers. We need them we trust them but sometimes, the same people whose hands we put our dogs’ lives into, betray us. This poor woman is one of them. Please read, pass, post, watch for and do anything you can to spread the word and get this gals doggie home to her. We pray for her safe return!!! More on this topic in a minute. In the meantime….read on:    

I AM REACHING OUT TO ALL MY DOG FRIENDS …..WE NEED TO FIND ‘SUGAR” — goes by Shugy…        if you see this dog – PLEASE call me…

917 454 8789   Heidi

Dog walker loses woman’s pit bull after meltdown


Morgan Bogle is offering $5,000 for the return of her pit bull, Sugar, who was lost when a dog walker apparently went bonkers. Actually I believe the reward is now doubled.

It’s every dog owner’s nightmare.

An East Village woman entrusted her beloved pooch to a neighborhood dog walker while she was on a business trip — and he lost the pet in the cold, she told The Post on Tuesday.

Bogle was in London on business when the incident took place.

“I’m absolutely devastated. I want my dog back. I seem like I’m holding it together, but I’m not. I’m on the verge of a complete breakdown,” said Morgan Bogle, 33, who owns a vegan fashion company.

Bogle said she trusted her longtime dog walker to care for her sweet pit bull mix, Sugar — a rescue animal she adopted in The Bronx four years ago — while she flew to London on business last week.

But the man flipped out while she was away, kicking the front door of her apartment Monday while shouting and swearing, witnesses said.

“He was screaming, ‘F–k you! Let me in the f–king house now!’” a witness said, adding that Sugar was nowhere in sight.

“He seemed manic ... I told him, ‘You’re acting like a lunatic.’ He was muttering stuff, but it wasn’t coherent at all,” the witness said.

A neighbor texted Bogle, and she sent a friend to the dog walker’s apartment. The pal spotted the man hiding behind a trash can outside and “acting strange,” Bogle said.

She said the pal called police, but they found no sign of Sugar.

The dog’s collar and sweater were discovered inside the apartment — but the walker had no explanation as to where she was, Bogle said.

“I realized it was going to be 7 degrees outside and that Sugar was nowhere to be found ... I just want my dog back home,” Bogle said.

Bogle quickly flew home, and she and friends have been posting dozens of lost-dog posters around the neighborhood offering a “reward for safe return.”

She said she has had the same dog walker for three years and never had any trouble.

One neighbor called him a fixture in the neighborhood.

Bogle, who runs the animal-friendly fashion company Freedom of Animals, is offering a $5,000 reward.

Anyone with information should email her at

Sugar also goes by “Shugy” and is friendly with people, she said

Let’s all help, please get this baby back to her mommy

traceys fundraiser


(Hey kids, I will have another blog up in a couple of days but for now, let me share this. I would love to just remind everyone that one of the things I do is help raise money for animal rescues. I do shows (under the ‘paws for laughter’ banner) when I can. I drive transports, whatever I can (just to sneak a furry kiss!) But now I am donating my time to do a fabulous comedy show for Stand Up For Paws. This is a show to raise funds and awareness for 3 great groups.

The following rescue groups will benefit from this event:

FernDog Rescue Foundation, Caldwell, NJ, an organization thathelps dogs at risk by providing foster homes that will nurture their physical and emotional health, help locate the ideal forever home for them while providing support and training to help assure that their stay in their new homes is permanent.

911 Dog & Cat Rescue, Morristown, NJ, is run solely by volunteers. All animals that are adopted out by the rescue originate from Animal Control as strays or surrenders. “We are not a limited admission rescue because we believe that each animal has a right to live in a loving, forever home.” Since starting this program in 2010, Morristown, NJ has had a 0% euthanasia rate for healthy animals.

PAWS, Montclair, NJ, is a rescue and sheltering organization that has been serving Montclair and the surrounding communities for 35 years. The focus is on at-risk cats and dogs, often bully breeds.Rescue and reduce are key principles in their work of finding animals good, appropriate, forever homes; preventing warehousing and/or euthanizing adoptable animals; changing public consciousness about the value of animals and our responsibilities to them and promoting spay/neuter.

It is being organized by another great group  Pittie Full Events Plus . Tracey is working extremely hard to organize the best time ever!!

There will be fabulous funny comedians, music, food, fun and games.

This is the direct link to purchase tickets:

So today will be a very sad day indeed for me, and I’m crying as i write this. I will have to help one of my wonderful dogs, Badaboom, brown long haired shepherd,  cross over the rainbow bridge. It is always so hard when we have to make the decision to end their life. There are so many things to consider. When you have no choice, if they are truely at lifes end, it is hard enough but you do what you have to.

But when you are weighing pros and cons and justifiying and hesitating it is awful. The main thing here is her pain. She is a typical shepherd with such a stoic attitude, she will barrel thru anything, even as we took walks in her wheelcart, as she limped along, she would see another dog and get a burst of enery pulling the cart and spinning the wheels and you could just hear her screaming, “get back here… I’ll kill you, you can’t run from me”  and then she would be exhausted and even more lame and i could barely get her home. But, oh, what a moment of fun for her!

But she still loves life, she has a great appetite, loves to have someone play with her, belly rubs, tug of war (from a laying down position) her cookies, her treats, sleeping in bed with us, laying next to her best bud Badabing. But she can no longer get around without pain. She has Degenerative Myelopathy (in the rear legs) and they are very weak,  and the front leg has a tumor (cancerous) that we opted not to treat except for pain pills, because she also has hip and elbow dysplasia that she has dealt with since she is 6 months old, she is now 13, pretty damn old for such a big dog.  But she would end up with one good leg, so what’s the point.

I have to say, we have kept her going and pain free for all these years with natural products and accupressure.  My hubby and I are both certified for people and use the same modality on our dogs. It has helped them tremendously and made for a very long happy life. I will talk about it more in another blog. It is a wonderful alternative therapy that you can use in conjunction with western medicine. Always take your pets to the vet for care and immunizations, but adding other natural modalities is always helpful.

Anyway, at this point, she is so wobbly on the rear legs, can no longer put the right foot down and is in constant pain, and on pain meds that can only help with the pain, not take it away anymore, and it’s is so unfair to keep her going like that even tho I want to. It is selfish and not in her best interest, even tho she seems to want to be around too. But at what cost, she cannot get up and down without crying, my husband carries her up and down our stairs, and in and out of our bed, it is time and i am dealing with it.

I feel even worse for her best bud Badabing, black lab/newfie X,

who will be so lonely and confused without her, he is 14 and has arthritis and is a big fat bastard that we love, but we will comfort him and help him, and keep on giving him his IGM sessions and eventually get him another pal. At this point, just getting thru the day will be hard enough for all of us.

If any of you have the same dilemma, my heart goes out to you, and I hope all the pets we love that cross the bridge can party like they want to while they wait for us on the other side. Love you miss boomie… wait for Bing… kisses and hugs, mom and dad. :(