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Monthly Archives: July 2012

The final cut of Sheila Kay in the Dysfunctional Diving Diva is now out of post (we ran out of beer) and up for viewing.  Let the Production BASHING begin! Hey, I ain’t no Lloyd Bridges but…… least we had fun(and now you know how old I am).  No sealife was harmed during the filming of this production.

Well here I am at the beginning of the Santa Rosa Wall striking my best Game Show Pose (Alla Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune or the Lovely Carrol Merril from the OLD Lets make a deal…who’s old????  [boy am I dating myself]).

It’s off the ship when we dock in Cozumel and right into the water!!!  I tried to dive on the Carnival Cruise Ships but I always bottomed out in the pool on the Lido deck and people started to complain so I’ll stick to Ocean Dives for now  LOL.

Well, i’m off again to my very first ship I ever worked, the elation. (which actually was only 2 months ago)  Hope to see everyone there, i believe we have a new cruise director, and if any “frequent  boaters” are back on board, please come say hi.

I’m leaving monday for progresso and cozumel again. Love diving there with my fabulous divemaster Alejandro Moldenado (Alex) from Cozumelbesdives  thanks so much for the fun!

Here i am all geared up!

Diving Diva


And here are a couple of hitchhikers in the middle of the ocean, how they got here, i have no idea….but boy, are their wings tired!!!! Check please, try the veal, we’ll be here all night!!


and a few of my new freinds… dead or alive!

us and them thar piratesus and them thar pirates