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Monthly Archives: February 2014

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So it’s another year! Hurray!!! Happy New Year!! From the world renowned procrastinator. I know I’m late but that’s not so unusual for me!! I was there when it happened… In the moment!  Just never finished writing about it! I was whooping it up and watching the party unfold!! But, really, I’m not sure what I think so far. Of course I am praying for a healthy happy new year for everybody, and I’m a big believer in what will be, will be. But lots of stuff is happening in the New Year. I will try to be positive about it all but it can be so depressing. I’m sure there are others going through the same thing. So ya gotta say to yourself… what lesson am I learning today?

I know in my heart, this is going to be the best year yet. We will move forward and accomplish every goal we have!! That is what I want to believe, so that is what I am seeing!! But I know some of you don’t work that way, so let me share this and then I want you too to see your future with intent. Make it happen. Be a believer. This is not religious, this is the power of positive thinking!!! You know… build it and they will come??? Well, see it and it will happen! Here is how the new year started for me.

As you might know, I do comedy on cruise ships and planned on taking my hubby with me to celebrate the New Year. Bought his ticket to fly, had his reservation on the ship, but it wasn’t to be. My hubby got bumped so I worked on a cruise ship without him and we spent New Year’s apart. Was it awful? No, I made money, he took over time since he was stuck home and he made money. It was really ok, cause it ended up a good thing. That’s how we looked at it. Were we apart? Yes. Did we lose money? Yes, Did we make other money? Yes. So many new beginnings and so much hopefulness goes on, but it can also bring some sadness. That’s Life as a great old song says.  As of new years eve we lost a friend, another is in the hospital, another is terminal, there have been crummy things, not things to celebrate…but so many things happen at the same time… a baby was born…healthy and happy, someone got a promotion, a dog I helped rescue is now back with his original owner after a couple of hard years…all wonderful things worthy of great celebration…..beginnings and endings. How to deal, what to think.

Like another wonderful old song says, que serra serra, what will be will be. Is there a destiny, is it fate, is it preordained? I don’t want to get heavy… (or fat) …or phat…well, maybe phat, that’s good right? LOL. I just want to tell everyone that as important as all the things are that happen to you, the most important thing is how you handle them. How you let the good or bad become or overcome you. How you let the stress or happiness affect you. You can choose to hold in your emotions, or scream and shout, and let it all out. You can be happy or sad, angry or ecstatic. Of course the good stuff is usually pretty easy. Everyone loves good news. Unexpected money! A new baby or a new job! All that great stuff that happens. Enjoy it, embrace it, and celebrate it!! And don’t feel guilty about it. Lots of people feel like they don’t deserve something, or they’re sad that others don’t have what they have.

Some feel so guilty, they can’t enjoy their special moment! That’s not good either. If you can share your joy, whether it’s something of substance that you can physically share, or something not tangible but just wonderful news that can be shared and celebrated with others. It will make you feel good! So do it, love it, and talk about it. Most of your friends will be so happy for you, and happy to share your happiness, there will be happy happy joy joy in the air!!(Ren and Stimpy fans?LOL)

And if it’s bad news or horrible things that have happened. Share that too. Everyone has someone that will share their burden, listen to their woes, offer support, lend an ear, give good advise. Don’t fall into a depression and stifle all those negative feelings.  Don’t drown your sorrows, don’t wallow in despair and loneliness. There are things you can do about some things to change them for the better, and some things that just are what they are. And unfortunately, you just have to deal with them, but you can do it in a healthy way.

That is when you take care of you. Get a massage, acupressure, acupuncture, pick a modality that works for you. Something that will release your pain, your anguish, help express your emotions, or just physically get rid of those aches and pains that sometimes come with holding on to such negativity. Holding on to these emotional things can actually make you physically ill. Unfortunately, we have to do something to stay strong, to get through it, to be whole again. Try and think positively. Try and find the good side to the bad thing. Hold on to the memories of the best part of what you had, be it a person, a thing or whatever.

Get therapy. Sometimes it takes a professional to show you how to look at these things, how to handle them, how to shed them, or embrace them. You’ll be glad you did, and then you can move on and start to really enjoy the Happy New Year that you deserve and that is waiting for you!

OK, Enough of that. Back to the happy. I just want to put a little video up so you can watch some people embracing the hell out of their new year happy happy joy joy moment!!

Be well, Do good, Live life!!! Love yourself and everyone else. It feels spectacular!!