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omg what an awesome night. of course i didn’t take one single picture!! Beat me with a wet leash… But, I did take video and as soon as i can, will download and edit out some stuff and post it. We had a standing room only, fabulous, amazing night. The comics were outstanding, the audience was awesome, we raised almost $4000 for the Plainfield Area Humane Society! If I was a dog I’d be howling at the moon….ahroooooo!! I couldn’t have done it with out all my wonderful friends and helpers. Steve you Rock!!! Frank, you should have worked for the pony express, your’ better than the post office! Valerie thank you for the push, the courier for the wonderful article, the star ledger, all the animal lovers The Dunellen theater is so cool, what a great place… I could go on and on but I’m hung over and exhausted. (Two big parties yesterday and no food or drink for me till after the show, then Frank and Terry opened thier house and party back up at midnight to get me drunk… thank god i only live 5 houses away… holy crap batman, he makes a mean orange cosmo!!  OK, MUST GET COFFEE!!!!!!





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