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bing and boom chilling

I promise to get back to the real funny on the next blog, and I’ll try not to be too maudlin, but it is with heavy heart again that I bid adieu to my other furry friend Badabing (the black lab/newfie). As you know, we helped Badaboom (the long haired brown shepherd behind him) over the rainbow bridge a year ago and Badabing has been a lonely boy ever since. But he still had us, and we had him and that was fantabulous. If only I would have smelled his butt for him, I could have made him happier, but a girl has to draw the line somewhere!

The only thing kinda positive for him after his sister left us was a little change of heart in his social life. As I’ve already told you, SHE-DEVIL Boom, was not the friendliest dog to other dogs. In fact, if you were a dog, unless she really knew you, she hated you! And unfortunately, she passed that onto Badabing who tried to be like his sister. So when ever she went into a tirade over a dog at the dog park, or a dog walking down the street, on her street no less, the nerve of that dog!!! Badabing would follow suit and go nuts with her. She was a tyrant even when she was in her wheelchair, dragging me down the street barking “I’ll kill you, get back here ya mixed mutt!”

So out of character for him, though. He used to be a lover. Well, this last year, he was older, he was slower, and he became the lover he used to be. He walked up to every dog he saw! He smelled them, he licked them, he played with them, he did whatever he could to interact. Of course the last few months he couldn’t chase them or play with them, it was more, “I’ll just sit here and “Be” and you can play with me”. Oops, that didn’t sound good….erase, erase, erase.

He was getting along pretty good after she passed. He still dragged his fat butt up the stairs so he could eat dinner with us in front of the set. Man he loved his pasta! He was just like the tramp in Lady and the Tramp. He would suck that pasta as I dangled it in the air…. till he was down to my fingers…well, at least not my lips, although I would kiss him on the lips always! Loved that boy. These kids were definitely Italian, they didn’t just beg, they would stare at the food and say…”You gonna eat that?” Uh, no, not after you drooled over all it, ya big gavone! “Then put a little cheese and a meat ball on it and pass it down!”



Anyway, as I’ve said, he was very old and quite the survivor and has been hanging in there for quite some time. His back legs were very weak, his kidneys were failing but he never showed signs of breaking down (except for the weak back legs) till the very very end. He still came up the stairs when he had the strength but slept downstairs when he didn’t. I would go work on the ships and call home everyday checking on him, and my wonderful bestest friend Steve would come and take care of him, check on him, feed him, do whatever he could to help my hubby while I was gone.

We built him a ramp. We built him a step. We raised his food on a pedestal. He had his own feather bed inside and more soft beds outside.

He would be so happy whenever I came back from the road. But his walks got short and then they were no more. Just play time in the yard. (Tug of War with an old guy is him laying, and me pretending to pull! ) It’s like a gal lying to her man… ooooh, you’re so strong, ooooh I can hardly tug back, oh it’s slipping out of my hands….LOL.

So that last week, my hubby said he really didn’t want to eat the whole week I was gone, but seemed to pep up when I got home. And of course I cooked for him and hand fed him and he ate a little. All you dog peeps know how that goes, they do whatever they can to please you, they’re so stoic these furballs. But he was a little sick the last night when we got home from a family birthday, threw up just a little, but had a hard time getting up to go do it outside. I heard him in the middle of the night, so I helped him outside (he had the dog door and ramp but was pretty weak) and when I woke up early in the morning he was still out there. He stayed in usual spot by the grill and it was a beautiful cool morning, he could not get up any longer and looked at me with such a sad and almost embarrassed look as he tried to get up to pee and I let him know it was ok to do it where he lay. (He weighed 120 lbs and I couldn’t lift that dead weight quick enough) I swear if he could talk he would have said, “You don’t pee in your bed, why the hell should I pee in mine? Move me!!!) I helped him, then cleaned him up and moved his bed outside and got him on it and that is where he passed. In my arms. I gave him an acupressure session and held him and massaged him and with a little difficulty breathing, he still passed on peacefully by 9 a.m.

I had to leave for a ship 2 days later. I was a wreck. I knew Bing would want me too. The show must go on… that is our creedo. But I was god awful for the next two cruises. Thank God for the comics that I worked with that helped keep my mind busy so I didn’t weep like a maniac every minute of the day. Wonderful comics both, Jorge Solano, and John Di Crosta.

OK, I’m done now. It’s actually been a few weeks but I couldn’t get myself to write the blog till now.

Wishing you and your pets many happy healthy days and easy journeys if that is their destiny.

RIP my Bingy Boy, now you can play with your friends Boom, and Kenny, and Whiz and so many others…. Have fun my sweet boy.

nap time

nap time

2 Responses to Bye-Bye my Sweet Boy

  • Luan says:

    hey there! checked out your wesbite and am very interested in your assistance. We have a year old lab X greyhound (so we found out afterwards!) and all in all he is an amazing dog, we got him at 8 weeks and he has been around our daughter who had just turned 3 and is amazing with her she lays on him..pushes him is kind of in an agressive stage right now and we try really hard to stress to her NOT to be like that lol but anyways he has never growled, snapped, bit or snarled at her..or anyone for that matter.. he is a very loving and affectionate, licky/kissy dog.however, we have a baby on the way, and my husband was just called into the military and will be going away for quite a while. Bentley(dog) seems to listen to my husband more than me they are BFFS. And Bentley has and always has had an issue with jumping up, and pawing at people lol not aggressively but its still super frustrating, and we are concerned with the baby on the way and such and just want to get him under control while hes still young.Let me know what you think and We’d love to meet!

    • admin says:

      always think its terrible to get rid of a pet that is a family member when you get a new baby. it is just like a baby brother or sister, you have to teach them to listen and be respectful and then they can grow up together and become best buds. If you think you really have an issue, call in a trainer or an evaluator and let them assess how the dog is around babies. Hopefully all will be well and you won’t have to rehome him.

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