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so this is a combination of 2 things i love more than anything… animals and comedy.

my goal is to help animal rescues raise funds

If you are a rescue, shelter, or other animal organization that would like to have a comedy show to help with your fund raisers, please contact me and i will help you. Let me help you help the furballs…this is a new site, so more to come. Basically, I have always supported the animal rescue groups, now i am going to start helping them raise money by doing stand up shows for them. I will make it affordable, fun, and fruitful!! :)


So this is the most recent show coming up. Please join us, have some fun, and help the furballs!!! Thanks guys!!

traceys fundraiser


We have a show scheduled for May 19th to help The Plainfield Area Humane Society (PAHS) 8pm show, please check the calender for all details, tickets can be bought on line at brown paper tickets.

5 Responses to paws4laughter

  • Judy Mead says:

    We would be interested in setting up a show to help our rescue raise some funds! We are based out of denver, Co and have a strong following in Lincoln, NE. Would you be able to come to either of these areas?
    Thank you,
    Judy BDHP Social Networking Coordinator

    • admin says:

      Judy, please call me this week, i am going out on another 3 cruises on Monday. the email i sent has my info on it. i would love to help, either by coming out there or setting it up with other comics. we’ll see what is the best for your situation! paws4laughter is my heart and sole, love to help anyone that helps our furballs. talk soon, :)

    • Velove says:

      Sorry to tell you this, but the Holiday was the worst ship Ive ever woerkd in. Terrible. And Ive woerkd onboard for 10 years.Hopefully the made some renovations, because it was really bad.As for booze, get your cabin steward to get you a bottle from the Duty Free. Tip him and he will do it. On top of the tip they get 20% off the prices, so its a deal.They do it all the time.

  • John Arendt says:

    Hi, We saw your show on the Paradise terrific! After the show we chatted with you about getting a copy of the golf card. You did not have any with you but said they would be on the website i could not not find the info. From reading I saw you donate the profit to rescues great job. our son does mini pin rescues. please send me how we can get this done. Thanks John

    • admin says:

      john I am soooo soooo sorry this has taken so long, please send me an address and I will send them to you and it’s on me!! yes we will have a shopping site one of these days and I do donate money and tinme to animal rescue! and please come back to see other stuff! thanks so much for the kudos and your patience and god bless to your son. love people that love the furballs!!!
      see ya on another cruise!

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