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I was born, bred, married, spawned, and divorced in Detroit, Michigan…and to make matters worse I did most of that twice. Well, now make that thrice. Oh yeah….. Both my ex-husbands are remarried, very happy, and love each other very much. Just kidding…they’re not happy. I started out in show biz at the age of 3.

I would go to tables in restaurants and engage people in conversation while they ate their egg foo yung. I was charming until I started eating off their plates. My mom, being my first agent, gave me the hook often and dragged me back to our own table. Nobody ever said “let’s do lunch”.

At 6, my parents acquiesced to my talent and gave me enough lessons to be the next Sammy Davis Jr. I took tap, ballet, modern jazz, singing, clarinet, you name it, I did it. I was a walking lounge act waiting to happen. In high school, it was drama classes. After school, the theater. Then marriage ended all that and I became a wife, mother, and eating machine.


It was during this time I started cooking, baking, and eating everything in sight. This lasted through 2 marriages, 1 child, and 16 scales. I became a vegetarian, but this just made me eat more pizzas and cake. (Both meatless) I decided to exercise, but that just made me hungrier. I decided to take diet pills, but that just made me eat faster. After many years of working at a veterinary hospital and a law office, and raising my daughter, I finally found myself in show biz. I became a standup comic.

A friend told me about a comedy club in Detroit and I worked on my “schtick” until I got a spot on that stage and that was the beginning. I talked about dieting, sex, and my life in general. This was more fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys. So I continue to talk about dieting, and sex, and my life in general and “Thanks be to God” as my grandma would say, I was successful and even nominated for the 11th & 13th Annual American Comedy Awards.


I have worked in radio, television, movies, and theater and will continue to do so for as long as my audiences will have me.


I have traveled with my 2-woman show “Self-Help: The Comedy” that I co-star, co-wrote, and co-produced.


I just worked my first Carnival Cruise Ship and will be doing that some more!


My passion, besides showbiz, is animal rescue. That will be all over my site and all over my other company site  A company that will help rescues and shelters do comedy shows to raise funds for the furballs.  Working on it as I type.


Now I’m back, and starting new journeys. I want to do More TV, More Movies, More stand-up, More everything. More, More, More!!!


Bring it on!!


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  • Syed says:

    my fam took a family rneuion cruise, and it was very convenient for the 18 folks of all ages and abilities. getting from place to place was easy, and the line (norwegian) was great. however it was serious sensory overload. there was really no way to escape people and announcements and shows and “bingo on the spinnaker lounge!” and at the end of the week, after unloading from the boat, we all sat and stared at each other, the silence washing over us. perhaps a smaller cruise ship/line?congrats and good luck on the research!

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