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Here is a list of some of the transports and rescues I love and work with. Any volunteer help, items donated, or money given to any rescue is always welcome. They work hard and free to help the furballs!! And usually give their own money above and beyond and so much of their valuable time.


PTTR is the group I drive for the most.  Paws to the Rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of animals from high kill shelters. One of the ways we do this is by transport to other approved rescues. Many, many wonderful people come together to help save the lives of these furbabies! I drive transport for these guys to get dogs from kill shelters down south to rescue, foster or permanent homes up north. They go almost every weekend all year long.


Transporting Furkids to Freedom in Memory of Charlie!! Another fabulous rescue transport group!


The Last Resort is a terrific group, finding homes and fostering dogs and cats. I work for these guys, doing home visits to approve families adopting pets, they are fabulous!! Watch for our show for them. we are trying to do one all across the country at the same time to help them buy a new building for the furbabies!!


Plainfield Area Humane Society My local shelter. We have a show for them may 19th, check the calender for details. They do spectacular work and have personally helped me with rescues off the street.


Please contact the following or myself if you are interested in helping foster, drive, adopt or cross post (emailing) information regarding these furfaces!!

Thanks so much!
Paws to the Rescue & Transport (PTTR)
Sending shelter: Marion County Animal Shelter (MCAS) Location: Mullins, SC Website: Mailing address:  Paws to the Rescue, PO Box 146, Marion, SC 29571

Sending Shelter: Darlington County Humane Society (DCHS) Location: Darlington, SC Website:  or Mailing address:  Darlington County Humane Society, PO Box 503, Darlington, SC 29540

Sending Shelter: Mary Ann Morris Animal Society (MAMAS) Location: Bamberg, SC Website:
Mailing address:  MAMAS, PO Box 1151, Bamberg, SC 29003


The Animal Rescue Site Make this your home page, a click in the morning starts your day!!

Angels Gate Hospice they take in the unadoptable uncurable unwanted for the rest of their lives, I have personally dropped off a 3 legged feral kitty to their wonderful kitty houses.

Rachael Ray helps raise funds for dogs (angels gate won their latest contest!) she donates money from her dog food and is an avid animal rights supporter. Have never met her, but love and admire what she does.

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