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So go watch something!!!!


Acting Reel


Drama acting reel


Comedy acting reel



Stand Up (sorta dirty)


Stand Up (sorta clean)




4 Responses to Videos

  • Debbie says:

    Best part of our Carnival dream cruise was your shows….I never laughed so hard!!! Thank you. If you are ever in Orlando area I will go to your show! You are the bomb!!

    • admin says:

      awwww thanks i love that!!!! and i love the dream what great shows we had. thanks so much and hope to see you guys on another cruise. check my calendar for dates every now and then, i’m actually gonna start updating like i should!

  • Jennifer says:

    Sheila, My Meshpukah!
    Thanks again for such awesome entertainment on the carnival cruise this past week. As I said, you had me in stitches!! My husband and I never laughed so hard. I’ll keep checking your calendar to see if you’re in jacksonville in the near future. Hopefully my schedule will cooperate so I can attend a show.
    As always,

    • admin says:

      oh how sweet!! sorry for the delayed response, so busy with the holidays (both) Easter and Passover and other things not important LOL… but thanks and so glad I made your trip a fun time!! yep check the schedule, going on the Liberty tomorrow, don’t have dates yet for june, but they’ll be up soon! enjoy the day!!

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