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Well here I am at the beginning of the Santa Rosa Wall striking my best Game Show Pose (Alla Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune or the Lovely Carrol Merril from the OLD Lets make a deal…who’s old????  [boy am I dating myself]).

It’s off the ship when we dock in Cozumel and right into the water!!!  I tried to dive on the Carnival Cruise Ships but I always bottomed out in the pool on the Lido deck and people started to complain so I’ll stick to Ocean Dives for now  LOL.

Well, i’m off again to my very first ship I ever worked, the elation. (which actually was only 2 months ago)  Hope to see everyone there, i believe we have a new cruise director, and if any “frequent  boaters” are back on board, please come say hi.

I’m leaving monday for progresso and cozumel again. Love diving there with my fabulous divemaster Alejandro Moldenado (Alex) from Cozumelbesdives  thanks so much for the fun!

Here i am all geared up!

Diving Diva


And here are a couple of hitchhikers in the middle of the ocean, how they got here, i have no idea….but boy, are their wings tired!!!! Check please, try the veal, we’ll be here all night!!


and a few of my new freinds… dead or alive!

us and them thar piratesus and them thar pirates




just a momentary stop in grand cayman. took a couple of shots with my new phone… wtf… i can’t figure out how to work the stupid thing… anyway, the very very tall man is going into show biz. just graduated from school in orlando… Charles Haney… you go boy and get me a part….

the handsome man with the baby is  grandpa willie and drooly julie the cutest thing ever!!d if these pics don’t show, i will do it when i get back to tampa, i MUST go to the beach!!!!  Diving in Cozumel tomorrow whoo whoooooooo!!


So we headed out for a nice bike ride to the barley creek brewery just the other side of the gap in tannersville PA and got caught in an UNBELIEVABLE hail/lightening/downpour!!!! the boys had rain gear, my sister in law Di and I were a couple of drowned rats but we still went on the to the brewery and drank and ate…. ya just can’t stop us from having fun!!!!

stopping for the storm to pass…..







didn’t work!!! LOL

omg what an awesome night. of course i didn’t take one single picture!! Beat me with a wet leash… But, I did take video and as soon as i can, will download and edit out some stuff and post it. We had a standing room only, fabulous, amazing night. The comics were outstanding, the audience was awesome, we raised almost $4000 for the Plainfield Area Humane Society! If I was a dog I’d be howling at the moon….ahroooooo!! I couldn’t have done it with out all my wonderful friends and helpers. Steve you Rock!!! Frank, you should have worked for the pony express, your’ better than the post office! Valerie thank you for the push, the courier for the wonderful article, the star ledger, all the animal lovers The Dunellen theater is so cool, what a great place… I could go on and on but I’m hung over and exhausted. (Two big parties yesterday and no food or drink for me till after the show, then Frank and Terry opened thier house and party back up at midnight to get me drunk… thank god i only live 5 houses away… holy crap batman, he makes a mean orange cosmo!!  OK, MUST GET COFFEE!!!!!!





Ok, everyone, here is an article from the Courier News on My Central NJ. for the benefit we are doing this saturday night at the Dunellen Theatre for The Plainfield Area Humane Society. Come on down and join the fun!!!!|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Here are a couple of cuties from a transport in March. This a pic of a couple of brothers,  silly willy and sammy, rescued from a shelter and on their way to foster families awaiting new homes. Let’s help all the furfaces find love and happiness. Come support The Plainfield Area Humane Society.



So let me say that working on a carnival cruise ship was so much fun. I met so many great fun people, from kids to grandparents. This was only my second cruise. I worked the Elation ( the name of this ship, not my mood, altho I am quite elated), 2 weeks ago. I, of course, was a little intimidated. Me, a seasoned “blue” comic going on a ship to entertain the kiddies and the older folk? Oh boy, maybe not the best idea….


So the first trip I was basically in my dungeon, yes the room is so far below deck I would get the bends coming up to the top of the ship. No windows, a bed the same size as my nieces Barbie dolls bed, with a fold down bunk on top…whooo whooo!  But free… who can beat free?????

I was trying to write new material, wow, there’s a new concept… trying to edit old material to do without the f-bombs that I love so much, and coming up with stuff that would entertain the little ones but at the same time make the adults laugh. Not so easy, I must give kudos to my fellow ship comics that do it all the time.  Loved the staff, they were so encouraging and sweet and helpful, even tho I felt like a complete and utter failure on the first cruise… the spicy shows were better, but still not a comedy club audience so I was a little disappointed in my show.

But lo and behold, and yes I am using all the corny cornucopia of trite clichés, they asked me right back and less than a week and a half later, there I was floating with the flotsam on the sea.

This time I felt so much better, I wasn’t getting totally lost on the ship every time I left my room, I figured out how to take a tiny shower and still get all the parts washed LOL, and I felt a little more confident now that I had passed the “test”.

My shows were fun, the audiences were fabulous, and it was just a wonderful time.  I never went out on the tour in progresso, the city not the soup, I’ve been to Mayan ruins and the temperature was almost 100* and I’ve got enough age spots and wrinkles to make a girl crawl into a bottle of moisturizer so I blew that trip off. I did get off the ship and walk to the little “village” to shop around and take pics of everyone having a blast dancing on the local bar, again literally, and eating and drinking till it was time to board again.

Our other comic had a blow out on his way to the airport, so he missed the boat…again literally, I guess you’re not supposed to call a ship a boat, but that’s what it is a big friggin BOAT! So our schedules were changed and I did longer shows and I was the only comic till he got on in Cozumel and did 3 shows that last night. This of course let me be just a “cruiser” with no responsibility so I went on shore in Cozumel with one of the musicians and ate my favorite thing, black bean soup, guacamole and cold beer in a tiny little outdoor restaurant. Fabulous.  The only thing was, I was jealous when I saw the divers in the suits coming in to eat. Probably the only time, and the last time, I will be in Cozumel without being in the water. I went snorkeling by myself on the first cruise.  I will go diving on the next.

And I was able to get free wifi and get on line and get my fix!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, how dependent are we on our electronics to stay in touch, read the news, gossip, facebook, etc… (and believe me I can barely do my facebook, but when I couldn’t get to it,  I felt totally isolated, like a prisoner in lockdown?) Ha!!!

Anyway,  bottom line, gonna post some of my favorite pics and thank you to all the passengers that were so kind, and kind enough to tell me they loved the show, and kind enough not to, when they didn’t LOL!!  Hey kids, see ya next time!

Thanks all



Thanks syracuse… YOU ROCK.   kriss and i have had a blast. sold out shows fri and tonight, but a some tickets left for sunday so come on out!!

i’ll be selling my golf cards for animal rescue, kriss will be selling his shirts, and wiseguys will be selling us…. whores!!  LOL  actually, selling good and i do mean good food, drinks, and free magic upstairs near the bar…

love you syracuse, off to the cruise ship monday.

spay and nueter… all your pets… and some of your friends!!


Welcome to my new site.  It is a weird work in progress as I am now my own webmaster ….and that’s not gonna be pretty! oh yah…..

I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m giving it a shot. Hope you’ll come by often and check on my progress.

There will be video, eventually, there will be calenders with events…eventually, there will be links to other sites, including my animal rescue site and at some point there will be blogs when I figure out what the $#!^ I’m doing LOL…  So stay tuned, come back, watch a video, email me, see a show…or just check on me and see if I’m lost in the world o’web somewhere……..Thanks and hope to see you at a show, on a cruise, at an adoption event or on a dog transport real soon!